Mankind Reborn is a cyberpunk MMO set in the near future, eight player-run factions are locked in endless galactic strife of commerce, intrigue and warfare… each vying to secure their own legacy amongst the stars.

Combat is entirely skill based, with full-loot on death, rewarding those who master the art of war; however, every aspect of Mankind Reborn is player-driven, from the factions themselves to the economy, government and more. Will you forge your destiny as an interstellar entrepreneur, a mercenary whose loyalty lies solely to the highest bidder, or a faction leader at the helm of the next chapter in mankind’s errant journey.

Economic domination, brutal conflicts and constant politicking shifts the lines of battle daily, factional feuds can last generations and mega-corporations fund high tech low life in this dystopian sandbox experience. Where will you end up?



Gameplay revolves around carving your destiny in a persistent world, factions rise and fall in power and colonies swap hands as readily as a trader shifts his wares. The far frontier is often home to lawlessness and black-market dealings whilst the government struggles to keep an iron grip on the ever-volatile core worlds.

A detailed economic system provides the backbone for mining, production and manufacture fuelling conflict and player greed at every turn, factions resort to uneasy alliances, or outright war, over mineral shortages and the distant threat of hostile lifeforms challenges ancient ideas of loyalty to faction or loyalty to mankind.

Using the powerful UE4 engine Mankind Reborn provides players an immersive sandbox environment, with skill-based third, and first, person combat. Players write their own story, starting out in one of the eight factions, their actions and decisions help shape the face of Mankind Reborn.





No one weapon dominates the others and each has its place in every well-stocked arsenal.

Mankind Reborn has a wide array of weapons that players may produce, or purchase, varying from high-tech assault rifles reliant on tried-and-tested ballistic ammunition, to prototype energy pistols, mining lasers, explosives and more. Each offers pros/cons and it is up to the player to outfit their character with the right gear for the right situation.



Cybernetic implants are the vanguard of trans-humanism, pushing the limits (and the question) of what is human. Ranging from the simple, and subtle, eye implant that affords its user extra target information to bionic legs that render footsteps silent: perfect for subterfuge, assassination and espionage.




The vast colonial expanse serves as untapped mineral source with mining expeditions and operations at the heart of the economy. Players must first scan each world for its deposits, the type of mineral, the yield and quality before commencing mining operations either manually using hand-held lasers or by deployable mining rigs that must be protected either by themselves, their faction or by hired help …as sabotage of these rigs is all-too-common by economic rivals or clandestine operatives.


Currency comes in three forms: the most common – the “Union credit” is the centralized and government regulated legal tender that drives 90% of the galaxy. Second to the Union credit is the much more volatile faction-controlled “Scrip” which is loosely analogous to a form of loyalty points and is strictly regulated by the factions themselves, not the government. Finally there are “Service Points” which is the basis for providing players the ability to purchase cosmetics (e.g. weapon skins, apartment furnishings) in-universe and is acquired through various means.


Perhaps the cheapest method of acquiring quality gear comes from looting the enemy …provided you are skilled enough to take them down in a firefight. There is no one route to master the economy in MR and any aspiring trader would be wise to use all the tools at his disposal.



Distant colonies provide lucrative opportunities for the right person whilst many prefer the safety of Earth under the watchful eye of the CPC.

Quantum Gate Technology provides instantaneous transit to any point connected to the QG network and is the cornerstone of interstellar travel.

The Sol System relies on a more traditional method of transportation: the shuttle system to move man and material between the core worlds.

Depending on the terrain and world type players may travel on-foot, in vehicles, or via a modernized underground metro network that services Union City: the Hyper Loop, in all its subterranean glory.

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