BASED: Judicial Quarter, Union City


Civil Protection Commission (CPC)

Police Force

During the early 22nd century, with the development of the Faster Than Light (FTL) Drive along with the mass expansion into deep space, it quickly became apparent that the local, state and galactic bodies charged with ensuring the rule of law and the keeping of the peace was fast becoming inadequate. Organized gangs were running rackets between the numerous territories; anti-Union Government movements slipped between policing jurisdictions operating bombing and supply raids with near impunity. It was clear something needed to be done to put down the outbreak of violence plaguing the colonial frontier.

In 2129 a solution was pioneered by Councillor Theresa Yam, who proposed the formation of one Law Enforcement Body – a body whose remit would include all policing, custodial and customs enforcement within Union space, a department not bound by traditional jurisdictional constraints or borders, one that could operate seamlessly throughout the frontier.

Councillor Theresa Yam said "Today we have taken a leap forward in ensuring the safety of not only our generation but the ones after it. For too long our people who work tirelessly have been the victims of ruthless criminal gangs and organized crime rackets, exploiting our disorganized and disjointed policing divisions... no more will this be the case. The Civil Protection Commission will work to put an end to the suffering and will ensure that justice is delivered to all those who challenge the internal security of the Union Government and her citizens."

On a stormy November afternoon, the Senate's emergency vote was swift and decisive. The Council agreed 10-1 that a new policing body is to be created with immediate effect, the Civil Protection Commission was launched, coming into full operation in 2132.

The formation was initially chaotic as criminals went unchecked along the borders of space, slipping through either the frequent breaches in security or merely paying off the all too common corrupt official. Training and the thorough integration of numerous national and private law enforcement officers was a monumental task that failed to meet the initial expectations of the council. Many officers from the former policing groups were wary at the thought of working directly for the Union, a number turned in their badges, leaving their posts for more lucrative careers out on the frontier working in engineering, mining or Corp-Sec Divisions. 2134 saw a slow-down of transferee officers many carving their paths; the syndicate gangs saw their opportunity to dig deeper into remote social systems, efficiently integrating their way into frontier society, embedding themselves like ticks in the chaotic mess the CPC's formation had caused.

Thankfully, since its chaotic start, relative stability has fallen on the faction. Today, Earth and the Sol System boasts the largest concentration of commissioned officers, charged with the task of defending the Union's seat of power, ensuring it remains secure. Petty street crime runs rife throughout the sprawl of the city, but the upper inter-connected towers that reach high into the clouds of Union City are relatively free of criminal activity due to the frequent patrols conducted by the CPC. The territories within the Sol System are equally well policed by the Commission who provide a visible, high-profile presence on the various well-established facilities and colonial stations.

The farther away from central Union control, on the fringes of colonized space, the force finds itself underfunded, understaffed and frequently outgunned by criminal gangs and the hired thugs who specialize in not only advanced militia tactics but are also armed with the most destructive weaponry available on the shadow markets. The Commission, out of necessity, has been forced to pay lip service to police within the deep fringe territories. Subversion, gang activity, and common criminality are at its highest in the dark veils of space... reluctantly among the High Command of the Department policing services in many of these territories has out of necessity been heavily supplemented by both private security and mercenary outfits. The fringe territories remain mainly a safe haven for the Union's most wanted and dangerous criminals who take advantage of the lax enforcement, skipping from one remote station to the next.

The pronounced struggles facing the Commission within the outer colonial territories have forced the Union Government to promise reform and action. The Union continues to guarantee further funding with an added increase in cadet numbers, in reality, the assured finances are frequently diverted to the military in its continued offensive on the outer border worlds. With the high turnover of officers either in the line of duty or merely quitting their posts for better career prospects elsewhere has meant little in the way of improving the effectiveness of the troubled force.

The only thing that is certain behind this bureaucratic chaos is that it remains business as usual for the crime bosses who continue to peddle their poison and lethal hardware onto the suffering citizens of the Union.

Urban Patrol Division [UPD] - The backbone of the CPC is its uniformed response and patrol unit, tasked with maintaining the rule of law within Union City. It is where every new cop cuts their teeth and learns the job. From responding to fist fights, disorderly behavior, drug pushing, and shoot-outs, a few years in this department will set a Cadet up with proper grounding. Opportunity for promotion is frequent in the division due to a large number of staff members on its roster.

Immigration and Customs Service [ICS] - A large branch of the Commission responsible for the detection of smuggled goods in and out of Union City and the detention of 'persons of interest.' Primarily working out of the various immigration entry points they check incoming cargo for contraband be it illegal narcotics, weaponry and implants. Passengers from colonial borders are routinely scanned to determine their wanted status in their attempts of slipping on or off-world.

Colonial Protection Unit - [CPU] - A response and patrol division for the colonies, tasked with keeping the peace out into far reaches of space. The work is demanding and dangerous, very rarely will recruits fresh out of training be posted to direct to the CPU and instead it is expected rookies show their muster back home on earth before venturing out into the dangers of the colonies.

Custodial Detention Division [- CDD] - The CDD is employed with the protection of the High-Security Prison Facility Off-world, its primary duties are the continued safe detention of all inmates, the continued efficient operation of the prison and the prevention of contraband entering the prison complex. A rough and thankless job but one with plenty of promotion opportunities at the end of it should a recruit decide to become a full-time warder.

Tactical Response Unit - [TRU] - Simply put the Unit is comprised of the best warriors the organization has. Many officers are former military ranks fresh from the frontier wars, grizzled veterans who are deployed to face the Councils most dangerous adversaries, they are trained to handle terrorist incidents, hostage rescues and barricaded suspect scenarios. To put it simply, when the cops need help, they call in the TRU.

Criminal Investigation Unit - [CIU] - The largest plainclothes unit in the force, the backbone of the investigation into illegal wrongdoing both on-world and off. Tasked with ensuring cases are followed up, and the criminals responsible for the crimes are brought to justice. Rookies interested in complex inquiries are often taken on after a short stint in patrol if they show promise and an eye for case building... A career in the CIU will often lead to High Command positions or promotion into the IAD.

Internal Affairs Department - [IAD] - Handles internal discipline matters, honed detectives with a strong inner sense of right and wrong. They will hunt down wrongdoers in the ranks and ensure they are brought before the high command for punishment. These are seasoned officers who have completed complex investigations within the CIU before being promoted into the department.

Fugitive Recovery Team - [FRT] - Their task is simple, they are Detectives employed to go out into the far depths of the outlying colonies to bring the most wanted criminals and fugitives to justice. Their job is tough and mortality amongst the unit's officers are high.

R7 Commissioner
R6 Commandant
R5 Superintendent
R4 Inspector
R3 Enforcer
R2 Constable
R1 Patrolman
R0 Cadet

BASED: Union City, Mars, T.U.S. Nova Prime


Terran Defense Corps (TDC)

Military Force

Anonymous said "Law and liberty go hand in hand. For without law, liberty becomes anarchy and chaos, and without liberty the law becomes a tyranny. If you must choose between the two, tyranny is the only one that allows a degree of order."

The Terran Defense Corps was created in 2098 following the merger between Union City and the European Union. Due to the continuing conflicts in the Middle East and Asia, military defense was one of the prime concerns of the newborn Terran Union. Union City had been in conflict from almost the day of its birth. The Chinese Oligarchy, having failed to control its generals, was left powerless as in 2050 their nation was carved up into divided, often warring states. Into this chaos, a conglomerate of corporations created a free state in which commerce and free trade could flourish. As the Union City Freestate grew, they came into conflict with neighboring warlords. This came to a head in the year 2088, when in order to maintain the security of the Freestate, the corporate forces of Union City began an aggressive expansion into the lands surrounding their new corporate utopia. Many of the warlords, fearing that they would lose power, declared a patriotic war to combat the Union government forces. When the EU merged, with the now enlarged Union City Freestate, the war took on a new phase of offensive operations for the newborn Terran Union. After ten years of continuous warfare, there were more than a hundred million Chinese, mostly civilians, dead and the finances of the Terran Union were nearly ruined.

While China was being integrated, the Middle East was ruptured by the rebirth of the old Babylonian religion of Baal. This attracted many extremists from all over the world. Moderates were ousted from power and society. In early 2102, the Baalites declared a holy war on the Terran Union. Having taken over much of Mesopotamia and destabilized the region, these extremists assembled the most massive army in existence totaling 200 million from every corner of the world. The conflict first touched Israel and the Union state of Greece. The Terran Union, having much of its forces tied up in continuing pacification efforts in China, ordered its reserves to invade Kuwait and Qatar seizing oil wells and refineries. These initial forces, mostly from former European units ended up fighting a defensive war from fixed positions for the initial months of the war. These forces were bolstered in 2103 by AAF forces as the Federation negotiated its entry into the Union. These modern, battle-hardened forces were vital in the Battle of the Fertile Crescent inflicting a crushing defeat on the Baalite troops. As the insurgencies in China wound down more and more soldiers were diverted to the Middle Eastern quagmire. With no end to the conflict in sight the government ordered an unofficial genocide to be initiated, under the Neutralization Plan, which took official effect on 2105, the government made genocide legal against anyone who dared resist. Despite these measures, the Baal War continued till 2108 leaving much of the Middle East in ruins and to this day, the Euphrates River is littered with massive armaments and broken down equipment.

General Darius Tomahawk led the Terran Defense Corps during the Neutralization Plan. His policies, although brutal, managed to pacify all significant threats in the Middle East. He justified the Neutralization Plan quoting all other past conflicts. Realizing that genocidal warfare was always useful in past wars in the Middle East, his arguments convinced the Union leaders of his intent to end all wars in the land. After receiving praise for his successful campaigns, he went into politics to run for office in the Council representing the TDC. He won an overwhelming election for the seat due to his build-up of support over the years. Though from time to time, he butts heads with the 'Guns of the Conclave'. Having designated them as a terrorist organization, in the beginning, he at first campaigned to destroy them and sent troops to deal with the threat. Over time, many soldiers in the army ranks either deserted to the GoC or were beaten outright in battle. Seeing the signs of a possible defeat, General Tomahawk made overtures to Kane Vorhaus to put an end to the conflict once and for all. Even going so far as to vote in favor of creating a new permanent seat for the GoC on the Council. The result was a lasting yet uneasy peace.

In 2115, when the South American nations were called on to submit by the Union Government, half of the Southern continent united their forces to resist this encroachment on their independence. The other half of the countries, knowing they stood little chance against the combined arms and might of the Union, submitted reluctantly. Though united on paper, the many armies of South America were easy to pacify. In 2 years, the Union Government crushed the last of the opposition. What remains of the opposition are scattered guerrilla fighters.

The continent of Africa was a different story. Many of the British Commonwealth states automatically joined the Union with little difficulty. Most nations in the north put up token resistance to the Terran Defense Corps. Having remembered the Neutralization Plan from a few decades earlier, they understood the alternative of heavy resistance meant certain death.

The last independent country to be integrated into the Union was Russia. Under the leadership of the Kremlin, and many other dissident groups, they decided to form a haven for all those that protected Russian independence and nationalism. The TDC deployed in 2118 on the borders of western and south-eastern Russia. Many from all over the world protested the incursion and secretly began leaving to join the Russian ranks. Most within the Terran Union who peacefully opposed were arrested and sent to the gulags. The depopulation and arrest of many only emboldened the greed of the corporations in eliminating any dissent while also causing resistance groups to try to topple the Union government. This was met by the police forces in assisting the corporation in their cause in return for funding and resources to maintain government control. Of all the wars to be fought, this one was the bloodiest. Having fought many battles and tired of the endless conflict, coupled with the high cost in manpower losses and debt, forced the Terran Union to resort to quick and desperate measures to conclude this war with minimal investment. Russia's nuclear arsenal was targeted first and all the other major cities with Helium bombs. Having turned the cities into wastelands, the TDC rolled in and decimated the countryside. The oilfields of Baku and the vast natural gas reserves in Siberia were taken over. This was the war where mercy was thrown out the window. The conflict lasted up until 2120 when the last underground stronghold was gassed. New settlers were sent in to replace the local population. It is estimated that this conflict cost the lives of over 400 million worldwide.

After the wars were over the army was unleashed against minority groups who promoted secession from the union. Whenever the police were unavailable to neutralize a growing threat, they called in the military.

After the colonial space-age began, the government began sending TDC troops to guard the supply lines and new trade lanes that extended throughout the solar system. Of course, this was no easy task, the fact that the planets were always orbiting meant that trade lanes were ever changing. To maintain control of the other planets the government deployed the Terran Defense Corps to establish outposts in all the colonies. Needless to say, these efforts were somewhat expensive to maintain and created opportunity for rebellion and piracy. A new permanent base of operations was needed to establish direct control of the colonies. To do so, the most massive spaceship was created as the ideal link with the Outer Colonies. This large ship was christened the name T.U.S. Nova Prime. With it, they were able to exert control of the Outer Colonies. Given the time it takes for travel from one colony to another, the need for Nova Prime was essential to the Terran Union. To this day, it acts as the primary headquarters for the TDC in all colonial expeditions.

There was even an indirect war being raged at this time between the government and the corporations with sporadic ceasefires and truces taking place all time. From time to time TDC would be deployed against mercenaries or private security forces who fought for the corporations. Moreover, even within the corruption of the government, there were times when the army and the police would come to blows with each other.

In 2154, the colony of Getha was attacked by an extraterrestrial race known colloquially as 'Xenos'. This was the first official encounter and resulted in emergency forces being teleported into the colony to contain the danger. In the next few years, these creatures raided many of the faraway colonies humans had settled in. Under severe pressure, the Union forces turned to the GoC to supplement their efforts to protect the vital trade lanes.

In this world no one is good. There is only control or be controlled.

Light Infantry: - Originally the combined corporate security forces that helped the newly founded Union City defeat the warlords of China in the Union War. When the militaries of the Anglo-American Federation were integrated into the Terran Defense Corps in 2103 almost, all their highly mechanized infantry forces ended up in Light Infantry formations. Often equipped with Class Two armor and M6s the Light Infantry provides the majority of the TDC's patrol capability.​

Grenadiers: - The Grenadiers were originally heavy infantry formations created when the European Union surrendered its sovereignty to the newly formed Terran Union in 2098. Some of the longest-serving and most storied units come from the Grenadiers who served with great distinction in the Baal War. While often used alongside the Light Infantry in 'patrol gear' Grenadiers excel as both a quick response force and static defense force when equipped with heavy Class Three armor and with heavy weapons such as the grenade launcher mixed in with their M6s. Elite Grenadiers (often called Bombermen) act as the TDCs explosives experts with roles placing, detecting, and defusing explosive devices.​

Jaegers - The Jaeger Corps was formed from the elite European battalions and the most hardened Union City troops at the formation of the TDC in 2098 and enlarged with the addition of the various special forces units of the AAF in 2103. The Jaeger carry the traditions of these units into the 22nd century. Equipped with the best weapons and armor available to the Union the power-armored troops of the Jaegers deploy where the fighting is heaviest and the need is highest.​

Union Training Cadre - As the need to train effective replacements for casualty losses grew in the various Wars of Unification it was soon discovered that a central system of training for recruits was required as the often different training cadres of the militaries that formed the TDC would train new recruits in a variety of methods that did not mesh well on the battlefield. The UTC was established in 2105 with training centers set up across the Union though since 2132 all training has been done aboard the T.U.S. Nova Prime and in the TDC HQ in Union City.​

Military Intelligence Division - The MID was founded in 2108 in using lessons learned from the Baal War. MID's role is to maintain internal discipline within the TDC and to evaluate internal and external threats to the Union. Sometimes called the Men in Black in reference to their habit of wearing black trench coats the MID occasionally infiltrates other factions to great success.​

Orbital Command - Orbital Command was created from the remnants of the space navies that were built up before the economic collapse, primarily the AAF's Space Corps today the Command is responsible for controlling the space stations and starships of the Union, engaging in interstellar survey missions and maintaining and crewing the T.U.S. Nova Prime.​

Combat Directions Group: - The CDG operates as the high command and logistics department of the TDC. Guiding the direction of the faction, taking overall operational command and providing supplies to beleaguered troops. The CDG can most often be found in meetings in the TDC HQ in Union City or directing significant operations in the Combat Command Room aboard the T.U.S. Nova Prime.​

R7 General
R6 Colonel
R5 Major
R4 Captain
R3 Sergeant
R2 Corporal
R1 Private
R0 Recruit

BASED: Unknown, speculated near New Terra​


Followers of Eternity (FoE)


The slums of Earth’s Mega-Cities proved to be the perfect breeding ground for fanaticism and dissent. The Followers of Eternity have no grounded history; their origin is fragmented amongst the various slums from where they came. The faction started life as a quasi-charity group sometime in the early 22nd century seeking to improve the lives of those who lived in the squalled urban centers; they soon realized that real change would only come through anarchy. The 'charity' organized into street gangs and set up 'education hubs' from which their movement gained a mass following amongst the young, oppressed low entry union workers and the many forgotten who dwell at street level. The group's aim is simple, resist the Union and their corrupt corporate masters - modeling themselves as 'enlightened anarchists' out to smash the system.

The rag-tag anarchist group re-branded themselves the “Followers of Eternity”, they see themselves as an enlightened few who refuse to work for the Corporate led regime and seek a better way of life away from the pollution and grime of their homes on Earth. The Followers have a quasi-cult fascination with 'transhumanism' believing that change comes from altering one's perception of reality, be it through recreational drug use or invasive implant grafting. Many disciples of the group have undergone surgical procedures to alter themselves artificially, the teachings of the followers see the adoption of new technology as a gift that should be exploited to increase their state of being and overall effectiveness to the cause. This willingness, acceptance, and integration of technology have given them an edge over the more conventional criminal street gangs within contested sprawls, allowing the group to take territories from rival clans and neighborhood enforcers easily.

The Union Government would brand them terrorists but has instead taken a warier stance due to the massive influence the group now has within the various more deprived areas of Earth's inner-cities. Needless to say, the Union maintains a watchful eye on the Followers, their progress, and their overall goals, intervening only when absolutely necessary. Prosecutions of the more vocal and active troublemakers are carried out when all other alternatives have failed as to avoid protest or outright civil unrest, this lack of direct action by the Union Government hasn't gone unnoticed within the Follower's command structure and is often exploited as a recruitment or media relations tool.

In the past twelve months, the loosely formed 'command' structure of the followers underwent a bloody reformation; a purge took place replacing many of the more restrained leadership with those supporting a mysterious yet charismatic individual who has appointed himself the Followers' "Patriarch". He so far has promised to bring change, making impassioned speeches, claiming to be paving the way forward towards a more prosperous future for the organization.

Union Intelligence agencies have been left baffled as to who this character is, unable to narrow down his true identity. He remains unknown on any criminal or corporate database, for all intents and purposes he is a ghost to the system, the man only refers to himself as 'Pallas'.

Patriarch 'Pallas' of the Followers of Eternity saidBrothers and Sisters, it is imperative to realize that our revolution, our future, is not an apple that merely falls when it is ripe... you must break the branch to make it fall...

Since 'Pallas' took control of the organization, direct action against police patrols and military convoys have increased, protest movement and recruitment amongst the Followers is up around twenty-five percent on the previous year. Confrontation with the state seems inevitable, is this push a means of merely asserting themselves as a key player on the galactic stage or all out revolution? It remains to be seen.

Along with the groups increasing sporadic attacks on Union and Corporate targets, the Followers have begun pushing into Criminal Enterprises both on and off world, picking more frequent fights with street gangs over territory and engaging in ever more illicit activity in order to further fund their rapidly growing movement. Sympathetic citizens to their cause are paying protection money by directly funding fronts within the various entertainment districts where both legitimate revenue and dirty money filters into the Followers coffers. Worryingly for the Corporations, the Followers message has begun to influence members of their own Scientific and Engineering Workforce, with reports of Corporate employees deserting their posts to join the group. Newly engineered implants are finding their way onto the shadow markets with informants claiming the Followers are responsible for the development and release of the new grafting bionic hardware — the followers are emerging as a new unsanctioned corporate competitor within the field of biomechanical implants, causing worry for the old Union Guard...

The new Patriarch is not only charismatic but is determined to revolutionize the Followers, he clearly has a plan in play to assert his wishes within both the Union controlled territories and the criminal hives, his motives seem clear, but his methods are yet to be fully realized.

The Faithful - The foot soldiers of the followers, the faithful are numerous, they are true believers bent on spreading the message of the Patriarch and ensuring the organizations' enemies are crushed. From defending or assaulting territory through to ensuring the newly crafted 'bionics' reach their market, numerous sects make up the ranks of the faithful.

Scrivener Sect - Often abbreviated to simply 'Sect' their members are made up of talented scientists and engineers tasked with developing the new 'bionics' for release on the black market providing the followers with a much-needed revenue stream. The word of the 'Sect' is held in high regard among the leaders of the Followers.

Principal Synod - The leaders of the Followers, the organizations' higher-ups form the 'Principal Synod.' Every decision taken is uttered in the secretive halls of the Synod and then passed down through the ranks of the Faithful and Scrivener for completion, for tasks requiring a little more brutality the Synod will often turn to the Umbra.

Umbra Creed - What little is known about the 'Umbra' has largely been gathered from lengthy interrogations of interned senior follower members. The Umbra is the premier fighting and professional assassination unit of the followers, engaging in advanced tactics, utilizing the best bionics and illicit boosters available on the black market. CPC's direct attempts to infiltrate the Unit have proven fruitless; the Umbra is likely primarily comprised of turned ex-military and mercenary types with extensive combat experience.

R7 Patriarch

The Patriarch is the grand leader of the Followers; he has control over the Synod and all sects within the Faithful, when he speaks the Synod along with the Sects listen.

R6 Abbot

Senior members of the Followers, discuss and lay plans amongst themselves via meetings of the Synod, they seek ultimate guidance from their Patriarch.

R5 Prefect

An adept individual who has proven themselves capable of administering their own Sect within the Followers has the ear of the Synod and obeys their orders.

R4 Acolyte

A respected individual within the Followers that assist in the administration of a sect alongside the Prefect, laying down direction and orders through the scribe and disciples.

R3 Scribe

Will guide the lower ranks within their sects and take direction from the Acolyte, the well-seasoned faithful on the streets and territories.

R2 Disciple

A true member of the Followers and the Faithful, they are the street pastors following the bidding of their sects Acolyte, taking their initial guidance from their Scribe mentors.

R1 Cleric

Now understanding the basic teachings a Cleric has proven themselves deserving of promotion, they must, however, prove themselves as truly a member of the faithful.

R0 Novice

The first step into the life of a Follower, a Novice will learn the teachings and the light towards ascension.​


BASED: London, Earth, Sol​​


Avalon Enterprises (AE)


Avalon Enterprises is the newest of the Big Three Megacorps but is the largest of the three. Clan McDowell originally grew the corporation through a mix of opportunism and ruthless adventurism. Founded in London in the late 21st century Avalon Enterprises took advantage of the chaos surrounding the imminent economic collapse of the Anglo-American Federation to stake their claim as people who could ‘get what you need.’ As traditional supply lines began to fracture McDowell started to make deals within the new Union Government and with suppliers in Union City itself to provide much needed medical provisions to counter the collapsing medical infrastructure of the AAF. To this day rumors abound making the early McDowells out to be nothing more than smugglers who somehow managed to carve a niche for themselves supplying medical care to English aristocrats, a rumor strongly denied by the McDowells and their retainers.

By 2100 Avalon had established itself as the largest pharmaceutical corporation in the Anglosphere providing everything from emergency first aid and hospital care to high-end research into panaceas. Privatising several formerly public enterprises, and reportedly buying the NHS for a single penny.

In 2101 Avalon began to diversify its portfolio investing heavily in new farming and food production techniques. Financing, in particular, the new Chicago Aquacenter and growing areas on Mars.

In 2103 Sir Alistair McDowell negotiated the entrance of the British Commonwealth into the Union with the rest of the AAF following merely months after. Gaining rewards from both the Crown and from the Union Government the new Lord McDowell began expanding his corporation’s influence into Union City itself.

In 2108 a major ‘marsquake’ occurred on Mars which caused immense damage to the hydroponics areas of the New Colombia base. Unfortunately for Avalon, this is where they had been making a new branch of genetically modified foodstuffs. The resulting leak of teratogenic materials into the habitation areas caused untold damage to the future generations of the colony, and Avalon took the resulting liability. The McDowell family already somewhat reclusive began to make fewer and fewer public appearances, disappearing completely from the public eye sometime around 2110.

In 2116 a series of terrorist strikes hit Avalon’s secondary pharmaceutical plants in North America and South Asia. Unimpressed with the CPC and TDC response Director Sir Joshua Rory-Pewel approached a seasoned mercenary veteran Arthur King with a carte blanche. King would create a security company solely for use by Avalon in exchange he would be able to mold the security force in any way he wished. Thus in 2117 King created the Avalon Knights, taking disaffected policemen, soldiers and mercenaries looking for an easy lifeguarding corporate assets and turned them into an effective and disciplined fighting force, loyal to the corporation and viewing themselves as knights of old in service to their corporate lords.

By 2121 Avalon Enterprises had recovered its losses and was the largest corporate in human space-based almost entirely off their food and medical provisioning with Avalon providing 80% of the raw foodstuffs in the Union.

When the frontier was opened for corporate exploitation Avalon Enterprises was among the most enthusiastic supporters of colonization, seeing opportunity in the new extra-solar markets. First helping solve the New Terra problem in 2130 and finally in 2140 founding the colony of New Avalon.

Today Avalon Enterprises is a vicious byzantine meritocracy with the McDowells choosing the Director and all other ranks stemming from him. The only times the McDowells interfere in corporate matters is when their profits as shareholders are affected.

Department of Earth - The department of Avalon that is devoted to feeding the peoples of Earth, this is the most prestigious of the Avalonian departments.

Department of Medicine - The department of Avalon devoted to the manufacture of medical equipment and drugs.

Department of Sustenance - This department focuses almost entirely on the production of raw foodstuffs for sale to the kitchens of the colonies.

Avalon Knights - The Knights are Avalon’s corporate security, many of them take their name a little too seriously adopting chivalric mannerisms and carrying swords.

R7 Director

The Director runs the faction and reports to the McDowell clan

R6 Partner

Partners run departments.

R5 Junior Partner

Junior Partners report to partners and may run smaller departments.

R4 Consultant

Consultants are in charge of large-scale operations and keeping the Team Leads in line.

R3 Team Lead

Team Leads are responsible for meeting quotas and setting groups to tasks.

R2 Technician

Particularly successful Employees are called Technicians and are truly on their first step of the corporate ladder.

R1 Employee

Employees have proved themselves loyal to the corp above all else and have been trained to an acceptable standard. They make up the rank and file of departments.

R0 Intern

Interns must prove themselves before they are allowed to join Avalon as regular Employees.​


BASED: Unknown​


Syndicate (SyN)


As the chaos surrounding the formation of the CPC started to die down in 2132, several criminal groups began to realize the danger a unified police force could pose. While periodic and highly publicized purges against organised crime had become somewhat common since the foundation of the Terran Union, the risk of a unified force acting both on Earth and in the Colonies meant that even the traditionally powerful organised crime groups were under threat.

It took the complete destruction of the Herrero Cartel, in September of 2132, for the Cosa Nascosta to organize a meeting between the five largest criminal groups of the period.

There is no recording of what was said at the meeting, or even where it took place, though tradition says that it was in the warehouse that now operates as the Syndicate’s HQ. What is known is that on that day five became one, at least in theory. Don Fuccillo stepped down as leader of the Cosa Nascosta and became the first First Master of the Syndicate.

The gangs of the Syndicate weathered the next seven years well. Providing a united front against the Terran Union, the Syndicate Gangs expanded to the stars, while those who had remained independent struggled and by and large saw the advantage of joining the Syndicate.

In 2139, however, Don Fuccillo died unexpectedly of a heart attack. This left the Syndicate leaderless before many of the gangs had assimilated the idea of being a unified front. Several of the leaders of the gangs began to compete for the prize of the title of First Master. This so called Shadow War lasted for almost three years, with many lesser gangs being wiped out or absorbed into larger groups. The first two years of the Shadow War barely registered in the public eye, however, as the conflict grew in scope, the violence drew the attention of the CPC. The Shadow War abruptly ceased with the complete and merciless destruction of the Barébhoth Cartel by CPC officers backed up by TDC heavy weapons squads. The Terran Union’s brutal suppression of the violence, and the destruction of one of the original five gangs, shocked the Syndicate into remembering why they had united in the first place. The gangs organised a truce and quickly voted in Haru Nenji of the Kuroiryu-Gumi as First Master.

Under Haru Nenji, the Syndicate really began to formalize its structure and the code of conduct which it considered necessary to avoid another Shadow War. The Code originally consisted of a single tenet: “Don’t bring the okami (police) down on us”, however the Code has since grown into a complex set of written and unwritten rules. To uphold the Code, and to prevent allegations of bias in 2147, each Master nominated a single trusted member of their gang to act as a neutral Arbiter of the Code, most such Arbiters serve for a year or so before returning to their gang but several so called ‘Senior Arbiters’ have served for many years. The written portion of the Code consists of 5 tenets:

The Code
  • The Syndicate works best in the shadows, while the Union may have knowledge of us, it is best if we do not draw the attention of the government to our business.
  • The Syndicate is a confederation of gangs. The Master of a gang is its master, no other may interfere in the internal management of his gang saving the First Master and the Arbiters. The First Master and the Arbiters may only interfere in the internal management of a gang due to violations of the Code.
  • Gangs may conflict with each other, but we should remember that the Syndicate exists to enable co-operation. If the Council mandates, gangs cease their dispute, they must do so and accept arbitration.
  • Any action that brings the Syndicate into disrepute as a whole may be considered a violation of the Code. Actions that bring individual gangs into disrepute may not necessarily be violations of the Code.
  • Gangs are responsible for training their Pledges both in the Code and in their roles within the gang.

In 2153, Haru Nenji established a coherent system of rankings across the Syndicate, a move that has some traditionalists worried about an increase in centralization of the faction. Supporters, however, say that these reforms will help the faction in the rare times when it must work as one.

Haru Nenji is rumoured to be retiring soon as he is nearly 70 years old and has continuously refused cloning treatments. Several gang leaders have announced their intention to succeed him though all so far have stated their intent for a peaceful transition, whether or not these peaceful intentions survive Haru Nenji’s retirement is yet to be seen.

Cosa Nascosta - The Cosa Nascosta originated in Italy but in general, has operated out of North America. After the dirty bomb destroyed Manhattan, the main center of operations for the gang has been Chicago with a mix of high tech cyber-crime, protection rackets, and drug dealing.

Kuroiryu-Gumi - The Kuroiryu-Gumi originates in Japan but has spread to the colonies. Rumored to have ties with Oda, Kuroiryu-Gumi focuses mainly on the illicit drugs trade and colonial smuggling.

R7 First Master

In theory the First Master is merely first among equals, in reality, the position holds significant power, as such the First Master usually leaves his gang to take up the position full time.

R6 Master

Masters run gangs, some short-lived gangs have only one Master before fading away but many of the more successful gangs have a line of ‘inheritor’ Masters going back to their founder.

R5 Capo

Capos are the seconds in command of a gang. Larger gangs will have two or three Capos while the smallest will have one.

R4 Made Man

A Made Man has proved his loyalty to the gang and is often granted a territory to administer on the gang’s behalf.

R3 Kyodai

Literally ‘big brother’ Kyodai is responsible both for the welfare and for the discipline of the junior ranks, often acting as trainers and mentors.

R2 Foot Soldier

Foot Soldiers make up the bulk of the Syndicate, trusted and loyal enough for most tasks but still needing to earn the confidence of his superiors.

R1 Thug

The Thug has proven themselves worthy of the Code and must now aim for promotion within his gang.

R0 Pledge

The Pledge is the first step in the Syndicate, a Pledge must learn both his trade and the Code in order to prosper.​


BASED: Upper Copper City, Venus, Sol.​​​


North Star
Mining (NSM)


One of the oldest corporations still in existence and one of the Big Three Megacorps, North Star Mining has its origins on pre-space Earth. In 2045, a former mine supervisor for SA Mines named Dawie Copper took advantage of the privatisation of his former employers and purchased several palladium mines in South Africa. By the start of the Second Space Race in 2075, the Copper Mining Group (CMG), owned almost all of the mines in South Africa and Copper’s son Anton had taken the reins of the company.

CMG made the news in 2076, when as part of a deal between the South African Space Agency and the government of Tanzania, CMG purchased Mt Kilimanjaro in it’s entirety in order to build a 30km long mass driver along its most gentle slope for $610 million. While decried by western liberals as destroying an African national monument – the Kilimanjaro Mass Driver, in the course of its operational lifetime, provided an immense amount of income for Tanzania and allowed the SASA to compete with NASA and the ESA in the colonization of the Moon and Mars. The completion of the KMD in 2084 was the culmination of Anton Copper’s life work and in a speech to assembled dignitaries at the opening of the KMD, his daughter, Aneke, now CEO, outlined a greater ambition and a new name for the corporation.

Aneke Copper said: My father’s dream was to make space available to all. He believed that the bounties of our Solar System should not only be there for America or Europe. That all the peoples of Earth regardless of creed or colour, of nationality or of wealth should be able to reach out and grab the brightest star they can see in the sky. To this end our North Star Mining Corporation has built the Kilimanjaro Mass Driver. This is our gift to you, the stars.

As the Anglo-American Federation and the European Union focused on colonies on the Moon and Mars, the fledgling African Alliance under the guidance of South Africa, began to colonize the resource-rich asteroid belt. North Star Mining took advantage of their close association with the South African government – when in 2097, North Star was granted the mining rights to all African Alliance colonies in the Belt including Ceres and Psyche 16. The desperate zero-g conditions and tough workload made recruitment of mining engineers almost impossible for North Star, so the corporation looked to the old practices of the colonial powers on Earth. Prisons of all the major superpowers were overflowing as urban disorder and political dissent grew, so North Star approached the various governments of Earth and offered to buy prisoners sentenced to more than twenty years. A one way trip to the colonies on the Belt and a lifetime of indentured servitude for the many criminals of Africa and the new Union City solved North Star’s staffing problem.

Life in the Belt colonies was harsh, brutally violent and often short with over half of all ‘indents’ dying before serving even five years of their sentence. In 2112, the poor treatment of indentured workers on Psyche 16 led to a large-scale revolt against the company and several administrators and security staff were killed. Then, CEO Zandre Copper showed the family’s characteristic iron heart and iron fist, arranging for North Star Corporate Security (the so-called Black Stars) to take the next SASA transport to the mining colony. Two and a half months later, the rebels opened up the shuttle pads to what they thought were food shipments from Earth. The only people to walk off that rock were the CorpSec team and three children that they had decided to spare.

In 2117, ‘Iron’ Zandre commissioned what is still seen as North Star’s crowning achievement with the discovery of cetracet gas and the corresponding gravitic effects of passing electricity through it. Venus is the greatest source so far of the compounds that make up cetracet, though the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn have been found to contain some. To this end, Zandre decided to personally fund a gas mining and cetracet production facility on Venus — a dream that would have proved impossible if not for the cetracet itself. While it would still have been impossible to set up a colony on the surface of Venus itself, magnetic shielding and alloy technology had made it so that ships could be constructed that could work in upper atmosphere of Venus itself. Zandre started funding small 30 man mining outposts with cetracet ‘repulsor’ coils set into the underside, to allow them to remain buoyant in the upper atmosphere but his grand plan was much bigger. In 2130, North Star Mining unveiled the culmination of this dream — Copper City, a square mile floating platform in the upper atmosphere of Venus. While the upper parts of the city were no different from living in an urban sprawl on Earth, the lower parts of the city contained the gas mining centres and cetracet refineries and occasional atmospheric leaks made life for the indents here hazardous — while the executives and middle management of North Star lived in luxury above.

In 2137, there was a disaster that hit one of the mining colonies on the moon Titan. A methane mine was struck accidentally and blew up a large portion of the underground mining shafts that housed most of the colony. Out of the 2500 colonists on Titan’s facility, only 5 survived. Defiant in his pride, Marcus Copper, the nephew of Zandre, decided to send in more colonists to rebuild the mining complex. His enterprise saved the North Star Mining Company from bankruptcy when it was at a low point. The success of this venture brought in massive amounts of palladium, iron and an abundance of fuel.

As the interstellar frontier rush occurred, North Star gained the mining rights to several extrasolar colonies making it the third largest corporate entity in the Union and has recently founded a mining colony on Getha — though this has to be constantly guarded by the Teran Defence Force and Black Star Security.

Mining and Resources - The largest of North Star’s departments Mining and Resources is focused on the production of raw materials from iron ore and oil to the gas compounds that are used to create cetracet gas for repulsor coils and artificial gravity plating. Often refining them for higher sales prices.

Board of Education - The Board of Education is in charge of the ongoing training of North Star’s workforce to produce more efficient and skilled workers and indents. Often this continuing education is both required as part of employment, and expensive.

Colonial Department - With the opening of colony worlds, the colonial department has been founded to focus on the smooth running of North Star’s colonial holdings including the upgrading of infrastructure.

Research and Development - R&D focuses on obtaining new blueprints and copyrights and on creating more efficient mining technology.

Black Star Security - The Security Division of North Star, Black Star is famously brutal in their security measures being the founders of the so-called ‘zero-zone’ policy (zero intruders, zero survivors) that many corps enact for their corporate HQs.

R7 Chief Executive

The current CEO is Marcus Copper, and normally the CEO seat would go to his eldest child, unfortunately for North Star, he has none so at his death from old age (something even cloning can’t fix) it is unknown what will happen.

R6 Senior Executive

Senior Execs run departments (often as their own mini kingdoms) and sit on the board of executives.

R5 Junior Executive

Junior Execs are the senior officers of departments and are with the permission of the board of executives allowed to start franchises.

R4 Manager

Managers work as officers within departments and (rarely) are allowed to start franchises within North Star.

R3 Warden

The lowest supervisory rank in North Star Wardens is responsible for keeping the workers in line and for achieving work quotas.

R2 Able Worker

The rank of able worker dates from the era when massive numbers of prisoners were being shipped to North Star facilities, and supervisors needed ways to quickly determine which workers were skilled enough to be given the less dangerous more technical work. Able Workers, for the most part, make up the bulk of the departments.

R1 Worker

Workers are low skilled employees of North Star, with low pay and little more rights than an indent most workers attempt to enter vocational training or join a department as soon as possible.

R0 Indent

Short for Indentured Worker the Indents are the lowest rung of the North Star corporate hierarchy and only progress in status once they have made a certain amount of money for the corporation.


BASED: Ishtar Dome, Mars​​​​


Guns of the Conclave (GotC)


Since war first dawned upon mankind, professional soldiers have taken up arms in the name of others when appropriately rewarded. These soldiers became known as mercenaries and had been looked upon with ambivalence throughout history, it wasn't until the early 22nd century that this perception began to change.

Whilst the Terran Defense Corps was engaged in the Baal War and, later, the Neutralization Plan in the Middle East, many corporate installations within the areas of engagement hired private military contractors to ensure the continuation of business. This dangerous work was almost universally poorly paid, with contractors subject to conscription by Union forces or replacement when the corporation hiring them found cheaper, more desperate, replacements. In 2109, as the Baal War died down, the new head of the Krytes private mercenary corporation, Damasias Armstrong, found that the professionalism of his forces was often undercut by cheaper and less disciplined forces. Damasias felt that the reputation of the profession as a whole was degraded by the actions of so-called security companies that were little better than the thugs and terrorists they were paid to oppose.

Filled with righteous fury and greed, Armstrong swore that he would revolutionize the entire mercenary business. Armstrong rallied with other professional private security groups and prepared for war. The new ‘Mercenary Alliance Network’ immediately targeted those ‘contractors’ they thought were unworthy, deliberately attacking facilities held by them. This attracted the condemnation of many within the Terran Union, including the then Chancellor Darius Tomahawk, who decried Armstrong as little more than an economic terrorist seeking to strangle the markets of the Terran Union.

Even though Armstrong's Mercenary Alliance Network seemed to work efficiently as a group, internal strife and conflict was rife. The various mercenary cells and freelancers within the network were always at each others' throats. The cause for these issues would mostly come from arguments over the distribution of the spoils of war after combat, who had terminated the most enemies and which cell contributed the most to the efforts. Disagreements that stemmed from a network of independents trying to work together. Throughout the course of the Mercenary Alliance Network's existence, numerous incidents would always be on the rise and fall. No standardized civil solution was ever established and this led to many of those involved to settle scores the only way they knew: to fight.

In order to quell some of the rising internal issues, Armstrong would establish The Conclave, declaring himself its Princeps and the other council members as Adjudicators. The Conclave was designed to assist in settling disputes between mercenaries, develop new policies and amendments and ensure that reputation and professionalism are upheld. If aggressors within the Mercenary Alliance Network all agreed to settle their difference via the mindset of survival of the strongest, The Conclave would not interfere as long as the conflict remained internal without interference. These ideals would lead to the eventual development of the "Mercenary Code of Conduct".

In time, many of the corporations that genuinely held power within the Union began to see the advantages ofprofessional and truly neutral mercenaries both for security and for corporate espionage. These corporate interests began to pressure the Union Council into legitimizing Armstrong’s Mercenary Alliance Network, something that finally was done in 2135. When Damasias Armstrong and Darius Tomahawk met for the first and last time in June of that year a political commentator described it as “two tomcats who upon meeting decided the easiest path was to ignore each other and focus on their own territories.”

With the Mercenary Alliance Network recognized by the Terran Union, Armstrong began a series of reforms, starting with a dramatic re-branding. Renaming the organization to the Guns of the Conclave, Armstrong separated himself from the day to day operations of mercenary work and began to pressure the mercenary cells into both accepting a standardized code of practice and a standardized set of contracts. While the standard contracts never caught on, the GotC did manage to convince the Council of the Terran Union that only mercenary contracts registered via GotC's digitised contracting system could be considered legal under Union Law.

Even though the Guns of the Conclave is now officially established as a combined mercenary network for contracts in 2160, many disputes and tensions still remain. Mercenary cells and freelancers compete with each other for contracts to prove they're the best and to satisfy their greed. While some may hold opposing political views this does not disrupt their shared pursuit of money via fulfilling the most lucrative of contracts. As various contractors would pit mercenaries against other mercenaries, tensions would always be on the rise and conflict to potentially follow; however, as long as each mercenary follows the code of conduct, they're free to do as they please.

The Mercenary Code of Conduct was agreed upon in 2140 after five years of debate by the various leaders of the mercenary cells:
  1. Mercenaries are professionals. Mercenaries are not to act as petty criminals, thugs, thieves, or murderers unless contracted to do so. Never should they act as such on their own accord free of charge. Mercenaries may act in the grey areas and outside of the law but must accept the risks and responsibilities for accepting such contracts.
  2. Mercenaries are not to act idealists or revolutionaries. Mercenaries are of a free mind to pursue which contracts as they please. A mercenary should only act when an accepted contract compels him to do so.
  3. A mercenary abides by the full terms of his contract; he does not cheat his employer. If he feels he has been deceived by his employer, he directs the matter to the Council.
  4. Cell leaders lead the cells. Adjudicators and the Princeps administer the contracts system and the code maintaining the faction’s blacklist and punishing breaches of both contract and code.
  5. A mercenary of the Council may not take a contract that explicitly targets another mercenary of the Council. However, they may take contracts that indirectly cause them to fight each other.
  6. Adjudicators are elected by the Handlers and the Leaders until all of the Adjudicator slots are filled. Adjudicators must forgo all allegiances to cells or causes, serving the faction until retirement or replacement.
  7. The Princeps is elected from the Adjudicators by the Handlers and Leaders to represent the faction to the Union Council.
  8. All internal disputes must be handled in an orderly fashion. If all parties involved consent, disputes may be settled with combat. If all parties involved do not consent, the issue must be addressed to The Conclave.
  9. The Guns of the Conclave will only work as one whole entity if threatened as one, or if contracted as one.

The Conclave - All Adjudicators and Princeps belong to this department. It serves merely as a council that not only disputes but also helps amend GotC's regulations to keep efficient with the times. The Conclave is made up of 6 Adjudicators and 1 Princeps to ensure a vote among themselves cannot be a tie, this amount can be amended by a vote within The Conclave. The Conclave serves as the quality control of GotC to ensure that all bearing their banner do so professionally and properly.

Freelancer Corps - All mercenaries not belonging to an operating cell occupy this department. Although freelancers can work separately, lines of communication are necessary to help keep information awareness at its peak. The department also serves to keep a roster of all freelancers operating under GotC's umbrella in order to properly represent them on matters resolved by Handlers and Leaders. The Freelancer Corps is granted 1 Handler per 20 members and 1 Leader per 40 members, each of which is voted on by all freelancers in the department.

R7 Princeps

The Princeps is generally an honorary role representing the Conclave to the Terran Council. The Princeps also oversees the Adjudicators and can remove one if they are not upholding the honor of the Council. The Princeps is elected from among the ranks of Adjudicators by the Leaders and Handlers.

R6 Adjudicator

In order for one to rise to Adjudicator, they must not only be respected by fellow mercenaries but also be selected by a vote amongst all Handlers and Leaders. Adjudicators exist to settle disputes between mercenaries, develop new policies/amendments, and ensure that GotC's reputation and professionalism is upheld. Adjudicators must renounce any leadership or membership of operating cells in order to preserve impartial views in The Conclave as a whole. They may still work on occasional contracts, but their spoils of war are either stockpiled or no longer needed as their position indicates their prestige and renown.

R5 Leader

Reserved for those who have proven time and time again that not only can they get jobs done but can get others to do them as well. Leaders command one of the four ‘renowned cells’ or ensure discipline within the Freelancer Corps.

R4 Handler

Having displayed a knack for leadership or administration, a Veteran may attempt to become a Handler leading their cell or ensure discipline within the Freelancer Corps.

R3 Veteran

Veterans are experienced mercenaries commanding the best prices and often working as enforcers in smaller cells.​

R2 Contractor

Now that they are recognized as more than just another gun, contractors start to get better and better contracts and more shares of their cell’s profits.

R1 Sworn Gun

Sworn to either the Council or to an individual cell a Sworn Gun that has carved some small measure of respect for his or her abilities.

R0 Vulture

The nobodies that prey on the scraps left by the more established members of the Council. Typically these members are attempting to make a name so that they may earn admittance into an established cell.​


BASED: Union City Spaceport, Earth, Sol​​​​


Zaibatsu (OZ)


The Oda Zaibatsu was founded by the merger of Japan’s two biggest keiretsu on 22nd of May 2036 following the relaxation of Japan’s post-war economic restrictions. The choice of name, emulating the first of the three unifiers, draw significant commentary within Japan at the time but was almost unremarked upon abroad. Although one of the founding corporations of Union City, Oda’s power has waned in recent years and in a move that angered some of the more traditionalist shareholders Oda shifted their global headquarters from Tokyo to Union City in 2100. By this point, the Zaibatsu was one of the largest conglomerates in Asia and could afford to take the minor loss from moving its headquarters.

Oda, while one of the founders of the Union, has traditionally been slower to adapt to social, economic and technological changes. In 2124 this slow adaptation to change almost caused disaster for the corporation when the advent of new production techniques nearly pushed the company to the brink of bankruptcy as they continued to rely on outmoded non-nanite based industrial techniques of the 20th century; however, a shareholder mandated round of layoffs among the upper management rapidly restored investor confidence.

In 2132, Gohan Food Services (a subsidiary of the Oda Zaibatsu) unveiled its first chain of restaurants: NeoNoodle a set of midrange izakaya-style bar-restaurants. While a big success in Union City and the rest of Asia the chain has yet to make it big in the more Anglo-centric frontier. The second of Gohan's restaurant chains, however, became an overnight success both on Earth and in the colonies. 'Gohan-Speedy!' with its range of simple, quick to prepare and eat donburi and ramen style meals prepared in two minutes or less it found itself quickly becoming a perceived 'healthy alternative' to Avalon's ubiquitous Castle Burger chain throughout the Union. The two chains are often found in similar locations throughout the Union and there is an almost universal rivalry between franchise owners.

Oda was also slow to engage in both solar and extrasolar colonization, having only begun in the last decade with the purchase of Europa from North Star Mining and the founding of a colony on Clia 5A48 - an outpost so small it hasn’t earned an official name yet.

By 2156 the Oda Zaibatsu was instrumental in laying the groundwork of the Terran Union Council ensuring that the corporations still had a voice while preventing unrest by offering power to the people. Like most Japanese companies Oda follows the Shūshin-Koyō (Lifetime Employment) model where employees work for the corporation for life, often displaying great loyalty to the corporation and putting the corporation before self. This lifetime employment policy, political compromise and the public perception of being 'for the citizens, not just the founders' has led Oda to be seen as the 'nicest' of the "big three" megacorporations.

Oda Heavy Industry - Oda Heavy Industry is primarily focused on large-scale industrial projects from colony upgrades to equipping entire factions OHI can do anything on a large scale.

Gohan Food Services - Gohan is one of the largest manufacturers of foodstuffs in the Union, and have several restaurants throughout human space.

Oda Financial Holdings - Oda Financial Holdings is the holding corporation that Oda uses to invest in multiple shops, bars and minor businesses throughout the Union.

Oda Securities - Oda’s brutal enforcement arm. Often dressed head to toe in crimson.

R7 President

The President runs the faction and reports to the Shareholders.

R6 Daimyo

Daimyo run departments.

R5 Omi

Omi report to Daimyo and may run smaller departments.

R4 Yoriki

Yoriki are in charge of large-scale operations and keeping the Doshin in line.

R3 Doshin

Doshin are responsible for meeting quotas and setting groups to tasks.

R2 Komono

Particularly successful Salarymen are called Komono and are truly on their first step of the corporate ladder.

R1 Salaryman

Salarymen have proved themselves loyal to the corp above all else and have been trained to an acceptable standard. They make up the rank and file of departments.

R0 Shachiku

Interns must prove themselves before they are allowed to join Oda as regular Employees.